Top 7 Tips for Sustainable Building or Renovating

Emerging Spaces is contributing to Grand Design's Australia online!

Photographer   Rhiannon Slatter 2015

Photographer Rhiannon Slatter 2015

Emerging Spaces final contribution to Grand Design Australia 3 part special mini-series for now.  More to come from Grand Design Australia and Emerging Spaces later on this year.  The final contribution can be seen by following the link.

‘Part 3: Kingsgate House - Building a sustainable home doesn’t have to have expensive bells and whistles.  With a few key design principals a sustainable home can be built at little to no additional costs’. 

How To Merge Old and New when Renovating!

Emerging Spaces is contributing to  Grand Design's Australia online!

Photographer  Rhiannon Slatter 2015

Photographer Rhiannon Slatter 2015

Emerging Spaces second contribution to Grand Design Australia 3 part special mini-series focusing on individuals journey as they build their dream homes is regional Australia can be seen by following the link.

‘Part 2: Harcourt Quarry – When renovating an existing building, do you remain faithful to the period architecture or turn your back on history? Find out more about the Harcourt house and the most important things to consider when undertaking a renovation project of your own. 

Part 3 of the Grand Designs Australia Specials will air Thursday the 12th at 8:30pm EST.

Simple and Amazing Ways to Use Recycled Materials in your Home.

Emerging Spaces is contributing to  Grand Design's Australia online!

Image courtesy of the Lifestyle Channel - Foxtel

Image courtesy of the Lifestyle Channel - Foxtel

We are pleased to share that Emerging Spaces is working with the Lifestyle Channel on Foxtel to write about a 3 part special series of Grand Designs Australia, hosted by leading architect, Peter Maddison.  The next 3 episodes focus on the journey taken by individuals to build their dream homes in regional Australia.

‘Part 1: The Yackandadah Sawmill House’ was a once in a lifetime project for a sculptor and his architect brother, who together planned on re purposing a 100 year old sawmill into a caretakers home.  For the complete article click here.

The three-part Grand Designs Australia specials will air Thursdays at 8.30pm EST on the LifeStyle Channel from June 4th.


Renovating to Sell!

People renovate for many reasons. They renovate to update their existing home, they renovate rental properties or they renovate to sell.  Finishes selection for each of the above varies. When renovating your existing home you are doing it for yourself and your family hence adding a personal touch to the finishes selection is the norm for most renovators.  When renovating for rental properties the driving factor is durability of finishes.  These two will form part of future post.  In this post I’m going to concentrate on renovating properties to sell.

Design Advice Before You Buy!

Buying a property can be the most exciting time and also the most stressful time! The reason for this are varied.  Exciting because you walk into a property and you can see the life that may be yours once you purchase. You can see yourself living in it.  You have already placed your furniture before you even own the property.  We have all experienced this.  When I was looking for my own home and after a long search and many viewings of properties that were just ok! I remember walking into the home we now own and telling my other half – I want this house, we need to get it!  My forcefulness may have been due the fact that I was 8months pregnant and the hormones kicked in but I knew I wanted this home even before I walked in the front door.  At this point the stress set in. Are we paying too much?  Can the property accommodate our family?  How can we add value without over capitalising?