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Emerging Spaces contribution to Grand Design's Australia Season 6 - EP5 online!

Image courtesy of the Lifestyle Channel - Foxtel

Image courtesy of the Lifestyle Channel - Foxtel

Emerging Spaces contribution to the Lifestyle Channel on Foxtel for Season 6 of Grand Designs Australia, Episode 5.   

‘Episode 5: Eucalyptus House - Turners Beach Tasmania.  Working with the natural geography of a site is all about honoring nature and letting the land drive the decisions. Is this possible? 

Draftsman Nigel Eberhardt and partner Nina, a school teacher ventured into exactly that! They have secured one of the last remaining native bush blocks in Turners Beach in Tasmania’s North Coast, a beachside suburb filled with new modern homes and manicured gardens. 

Nigel and Nina have a passion for the environment and aim to keep the property in its natural state. They plan to keep all existing trees and minimise the disturbance to the natural growth on the block, this includes the towering 30 metre eucalyptus tree that sits proudly on the property. For complete article click here

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