We bring a passion for design, complemented with a results orientated approach to help our clients achieve their goals.  From pre-purchase through to completion, we work with our clients every step of the way.



Pre-Purchase Consultation

The purchase of a home or real estate asset is likely the most valuable and exciting investment you can make.

A pre-purchase consultation will equip you with the information you need before proceeding with the purchase.  This includes an understanding of the property's potential for renovation, alterations and additions.  The objective is to quantify the added value.

During the consultation, we consider site conditions, the age and character of the property, potential views, council requirements and design options.  The aim is to empower you so that you can achieve the best outcome.


Emerging Spaces can deliver a suite of services. Each project is unique, and services are tailored.

An integral part of our work is analytical and creative. The detailed analysis of the opportunities, constraints, existing and future needs equips us with the core information that informs decisions throughout the project.

Beyond the essential requirements of any project (brief, budget, quality, time-frame) we search for design solutions that deliver unexpected value and surpass expectations.

We are rigorous in our pursuit of clear, concise solutions that translate into a built form.


PROJECT Management

 Emerging Spaces can guide and lead the Tender and Construction Administration phases. We have worked closely with contractors and have developed relationships that will benefit the client and the project to ensure the best built outcome. We aim to ensure that the quality of the design solution is realised in the built form.